Saturday, 21 April 2012

Brunch at God Save the Food

Two pancakes and a cascade of syrup poured by the intrepid Carli: God, besides the Food, should  save also my health! I park the regrets in via Tortona, bless the sun and the beauty of a warm Saturday morning in t-shirts and I meet Carli of Mil-Shake blog. Among many stories and updates of life, only few moments of silence to study the extensive menu (check the web site for menu and prices) and to choose what to eat after our pancakes: I order scrumble eggs with ham and cheese (good, but in the norm) while Carli is more fearless than me (and she can afford it!) and she orders a Bacon Cheese Burger with baked potatoes very inviting! I give the final strike to my health by ordering a slice of cake with fresh fruit: very very very good!
The restaurant is bright and very nice, service is fast and the quality of the food very good although the formula for brunch of God Save the Food is more like a lunch with dishes from the American tradition: no juice, coffee or muffin included in the price, but everything to order à la carte. And I personally prefer to punish myself with a brunch buffet version!
The bill is on 20/25 € and if you want you can also go shopping in the dispensa where to buy many products that are served in the restaurant: no respite, even between the walls of the house, with the temptations of God Save the Food! !

God Save the Food
Via Tortona 34, Milan
Tel: +39 028373604
Photo: S'Notes (all rights reserved); last 3 photos credits of God Save the Food website

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  1. Ahhh, mi sembra deliziosa! Ho un gran voglia per questa colazione...