Friday, 24 February 2012

Saturday brunch on Navigli at MAG Cafè

I always wondered how Navigli looks like during a cold Saturday morning in Winter.
This question is not for granted for someone like me who lives in a completely different area of Milan and who spend Saturday morning dribbling among market, gym and washing machines. 
But a couple of weeks ago I planned to visit the Affordable Art Fair in Tortona area: an extremely good opportunity to take a ride on the Navigli and give an answer to my question, and an excellent excuse to stop at MAG Café and make a brunch, cheap and very nutritious! 
I've visited MAG long ago for a tea&cake break time during the monthly appointment on Navigli of the Mercato dell'Antiquariato (a famous flea market). After having enjoyed tasteful bites of the homemade cake, I decided to try MAG's original formula of brunch!
Here's how it works: just sit down, read a little menu, hold an Ikea pencil (supplied by the waiter) and check on the menu the various options for each of these categories (it is easier to do it rather than to explain):
  • The cold drink: you can choose between water, soda, juice, or juice (but with extra € 2);
  • the hot drink:  either coffee, cappuccino, tea or hot chocolate;
  • yogurt: you can choose the one with cereals, honey or fruit;
  • bread: among the various choices there is the toast with Nutella, jam, or savory;
  • The croissant: nature, chocolate, cream or jam;
  • Finally you can choose between a slice of cake (which I recommend) or fruit.
All for just 10 €, and with an extra 5 €, you can also order a club sandwich, caprese or beef tartare.
Rather than the typical American brunch with eggs and bacon, MAG brunch is more like a robust Italian breakfast, nutritious and of excellent quality! The venue is small and looks like a Parisian bistro, very simple and with a nice view on Navigli.
Brunch at MAG is planned on Saturday (a rarity in Milan!) and on Sunday: a must for the upcoming appointment of the Mercato dell'Antiquariato, scheduled for this weekend! 

MAG Cafe
Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 43 Milan (Navigli area)
Phone: +39 3400984023
Facebook fan page: click here

Photo: S'Notes (all rights reserved)

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